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Songs from the heart

Danny Daniels

Matchless Grace

Growing up in church was an awesome experience for me. I never dreaded going, I was always excited to worship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Singing was always a big part of worship for us. My biggest musical influence came from this time of my life, our church quartet, which was made up by my aunts and uncles. They instilled in me a love for southern gospel music. They had wonderful harmony but the way that they delivered a song was what impressed me the most. They sang with a spiritual passion. I try to sing with that same passion every time I stand and sing for my Lord.

Q Birthday 
A June 11

Q Marital Status 
A Married to Lisa ( Happy, Happy, Happy)

Q Children? 
A One daughter, Amanda and one son, Randy

Q Any Brothers or Sisters? 
A One brother, Doug

Q Who Do You Look Up To or Who Inspires You? 
A People who put their faith in action and people that demonstrate the love of God.

Q Favorite Bible Scripture 
A II Chronicles 7:14 and Hebrews 11:6

Q Favorite Food & Drink 
A Bone-in Ribeye & Ice Water

Q Favorite Color 
A Blue

Q Favorite Song 
A Impossible question... I Know a Man Who Can

Q Favorite Musician 
A Josh Singletary, I love to hear him play the piano

Q Favorite Southern Gospel Group 
A Male Quartet - Tribute; Mixed Quartet - The Perrys; Trio - Greater Vision

Q Favorite Childhood Memory 
A Apple fights with all my cousins

Q Who do you listen to when driving? 
A Everyone, I like good music, no matter the type

Q Who would you most like to meet? 
A They say you should never meet your heroes but I would like to get to know Rodney Griffin

Q What is something most people don’t know about you? 
A I love to cook!

Q Hobbies

A Golf, hunting, fishing