What More Could God Do

What More Could God Do - sample
The Old Path 
Rock Of Ages -sample
The Victory's Been Won

Do You Know - sample

The Daily Walk - sample

I'd Like To See That Once Again - sample

Just One Touch Of Grace - sample

Above The Clouds - sample

I Claim The Blood - sample

Born To Rise

Living Miracle - sample
Born To RIse - sample
I'm Ready - sample
Let Me Tell Ya About The Day - sample
Rejoice, Rejoice - sample
That Blessed Morning - sample
Easter Song - sample
Until I Met The Man - sample
What Will You Do - sample
When Nothing But A Miracle Will Do - sample

Songs from the heart

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I See A Rustling

Nothing Too Big For My God - sample
By Grace - sample
I'm Gonna Run - sample
I See A Rustling - sample
Sweet Seeds - sample
My Father Loves Me - sample
Jesus Is Mine - sample
When He Saw The Cross - sample
Signed, Sealed And Delivered - sample
Just Outside - sample

Go Take The Land

Because You First Loved Me - sample
Just Hold Tight - sample
John Saw a Revelation- sample
Lets Go Back - sample
Peace in the Valley - sample
Go Take the Land - sample
Behold the Lamb - sample
Peace Be Still- sample
The Reason That I Sing - sample
What Happened to Forgiveness - sample
He Can Do This - sample
When the Clouds Roll Back - sample